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Welcome to That Handiman Guy Inc.

We provide exterior storm damage repair – especially roofing, siding, gutters, fascia, etc.  We work with all insurance companies and if you think you have damage call us first!  We will provide a free inspection to determine wether you should file a claim or not.


We also do interior work – remodeling, tile, painting, dry wall, flooring, and many other services.  If you need plumbing, electrical or HVAC we have great people we can refer you to. If you simply have questions please call and if nothing else we can probably offer suggestions from our many, many years of experience.  


Just as important – we can SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on your home mortrgage interest or any other ammortizied loan – car loan – student loan.  In many cases people have paid off their homes in five to seven years. That alone, can change your life and give you much more financial security.  Having more CASH FLOW can be a tremendous help to you and your family!  If you are looking for ADDITIONAL INCOME – we have a program you need to see.  This program has provided new and residual income to many people and has given them financial freedom.


Lastly, we solve problems – we buy homes and should you be in a situation where you need or want to sell a house please call us!  We can offer a number of different solutions depending on the circumstances. Thank you and it cost you nothing to call and have a chat – about whatever situation you might be in.   We have many references we can provide on request. Yes, we are licensed and insured and never cut corners to save a buck. Your home is one of your most valuable and important possessions – let us help you keep it that way.

Call Ken at 📲 847-980-4881 today.





My goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an intelligent and informed decision. Please watch the  video above and let me know what you are interested in.

You will have the opportunity to request I contact you so I can answer any questions you might have.



Roofing, Siding, Windows, Remodeling, Handyman Services, Painting, if you have a question please call.

Storm Damage: We will gladly meet with you and give you a free evaluation. If you have damage we can meet with your insurance adjuster and go over the damages that should be covered. Nine times out of ten when we meet with the insurance adjuster we are able to get the work approved.

Using modern software we can use photos of your home to give you a preview of what the work will look like when completed, or a look at the various options available for the work to be done. For example different siding syles and or colors.

We always use high quality materials and products in our work that meet all local building codes and requirements.



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I recently had my roof replaced, fascias and soffits covered and 4 windows replaced with Ken Holtmann managing the project.

All work was completed to my satisfaction and in a timely and professional manner.  Ken was very thorough in following up with his people and making sure that everything was done well and cleaned up properly.  He was patient and helpful while I worked through my financing options. He also provided me with several value added services that he performed himself at no additional charge.

I was very pleased with the whole experience and would definitely recommend this company and especially Ken Holtmann to anyone.


Connie Hammersmith 

630-965-8939 West Chicago


Big Zion Missionary Baptist Church

“Evangelizing, Equipping, and Edifying”

521 W 65th Street

Chicago, Il 60621

Church 773-488-4688 Fax 773-651-8584


Rev. Randall E. Parker Sr.                                                              Sis Toni Hamilton

Pastor                                                                                                     Church Clerk

       July 11, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

       I was very pleased with the work done on my home (new roof).  The work

was done in a timely and professional manner.  Mr. Ken Holtmann is a qualified

and caring salesman.  I highly recommend his services.


          Rev. Randall E. Parker, Sr.  773-488-4688

To Whom It May Concern,

We worked with Ken Holtmann in doing our roof and siding and are very glad we did.  Unknown to us, we had a leak in our roof that could have caused a serious problem. Our roof and siding came out very nice and we are very pleased with the job and especially with Ken.  He did a great job overseeing the job and answering our questions and concerns. A good job well done.

Maria G. Ybarra

1935 Monday Dr

Elgin, Il 60123



We were very pleased to have Ken work with us on our roof and siding.  We had a leak in our roof which was causing a problem and a stain in our living room.  Ken was able to get our roof and siding approved. He put on 30 year architectural shingles on our roof and we had Dutch Lap siding put on.  Several people have commented on how different and how nice our house looks. We have been very, very pleased with how every thing came out and highly recommend Ken to anyone.  We know that he will do an excellent job and that you will be very pleased and satisfied with the outcome. 

Debra Kowitzke

1736 McArthur

Rockford, Il 61108



To Whom It May Concern,

I had a leak in my roof and Ken approached me not knowing this.  I wasn’t really sure that he could help me with what he said was a possible hail claim.  But, as Ken said I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So I worked with Ken to file a claim and he met with the adjuster.  To my surprise he was able to get it approved and I was very happy to get a new roof. Ken was very thorough and made sure my roof was repaired correctly.  He called me to tell me about needing plywood to fix my roof properly and he did an excellent job which I am very satisfied with. I would recommend Ken to anyone as he is very knowledgeable and did a very, very good job.

Constance Jones 1612 East Gate Pkwy Rockford Il  61108 815-399-7472

When my sister and I bought our house in April 2008, we knew we would need a new roof.  We just didn’t expect it to be 3 months later. Not knowing where we would get the money to have it done, we started getting estimates.  Enter Ken Holtmann – we were skeptical but Ken was persistent (he had to stop by 4 times). He told us how to file the insurance claim and patiently answered all our questions, met with the insurance adjuster and got us approved for the roof and siding!  Rain delayed the start of work, but it seemed to be done almost before we knew it. And our house looks great! Afterward, Ken called to make sure the work was done, that we were satisfied with it, and ask if we had any more questions or concerns. Ken Holtmann was the answer to our prayers.  We would definitely recommend Ken to anyone. 

Melani and Valeri Rose

2819 Broadway, Rockford Il 61108

779-423-1328   815-519-8186

I am very pleased with my new garage roof.  Ken was very professional – did the job quickly and reasonably priced.  I’d definitely hire him again. 

Carolyn (Jean) Johnson  815-398-0231

3323 Constance Dr.   Rockford, Il 61108

Dear Ken,

Thanks for giving my house a “brand new” look.  I am very pleased with the siding and new roof. I have lived here 58 years and have always taken pride in my home.  Your workers were competent and experienced and you were always available whenever I had a question or problem. Thanks again for a job very well done.


Charlotte Erickson 815-399-5690

3540 Louisiana Rd. Rockford Il. 61108 

To Whom It May Concern,

During the past several weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with  Ken Holtmann. From the time that I decided to replace the roof at my property in Rockford (1612 East Gate Pkwy); Mr. Holtmann was always available and willing to answer my questions.

During the actual roofing process he was on site every day.  As a result of my positive experience with Mr. Holtmann, I would gladly recommend Ken to anyone as I know he does a great job.


Constance Jones 790 S. Cedar Ave   Elmhurst Il 60126 Oct. 23, 2008



Nov 11th, 2008

To Any Homeowner.  We would like to tell you about Ken Holtmann.  We, as well as our next door neighbor, had our roofs done a few weeks ago.  Ken was the first man showing up as well as the last one to leave; making sure everything was done correctly.  He also promptly answered his phone. Wish there were more people like Ken in the business world.  


Stan and Kris Steinke


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for the nice job you did on our roof a few weeks ago.  We were especially pleased that you always answered your phone promptly and all our requests met immediately. We heard that you traveled abroad and hope you had a nice trip.

I enjoyed meeting your wife and friends too.  Stop by if you get hungry for apple pie!


With sincere thanks,

Stan & Kris Steinke 1606 East Gate Pkwy  Rockford, Il 61108 815-398-5727


To Whom It May Concern,

I want to express my thanks to Ken Holtmann for all the work that was done on my home.   My home looks entirely different and a lot nicer. I actually went and talked to Ruth Franklin who is a neighbor who had her home done.  She was very satisfied and pleased with the work so I decided to go ahead and work with Ken. Good to his word, he met with the adjuster and was able to get my roof and siding approved.  Ken worked with me and I also got siding on my garage so everything looks brand new. I was also very satisfied with the workers who put on the insulation and house wrap and then the siding.  So I am very pleased with the entire job and would highly recommend Ken Holtmann as he is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I am certainly glad I did.

Floyd Ramer   1607 Oregon Ave  Rockford, Il. 61108   815-398-6232


I have a small home in Rockford and met with Ken Holtmann concerning hail damage.  I wasn’t real sure about the process but Ken showed me the damage on my home. He helped me with the insurance claim and was able to get my house siding and roof approved.  So I was able to get my roof and siding replaced all paid for by my insurance company. I was very pleased with the job. In fact, Ken also helped my daughter who lives nearby to get her house approved and she also got a new roof and siding and new gutters.  So Ken saved us thousands of dollars because we simply could not have done this without his help. I would certainly recommend Ken as he was a big help to us. We are also planning to get some new windows next spring from Ken. I am sure that you would be pleased with Ken helping you.

James Lee 2623 18th Ave. Rockford, Il. 61108



My name is Elizabeth Jones and I live at 3327 Seward Ave  Rockford Il. 61108


I pretty much stay at home and was approached by Ken Holtmann concerning possible damage to my home from a wind and hail storm.  I was not real sure about this as I have never done anything like this before. But as Ken said I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So he helped me with filing a claim to my insurance company and then met with the insurance adjuster. To my great surprise he was able to get the roof and siding approved.  So I was able to get all of the siding on my house and garage replaced and also new roofs. Fortunately I only had a $100 dollar deductible. So needless to say I am very happy indeed.  Ken was also able to get me some new gutters and my home looks entirely different. I am very glad that I worked with Ken and I certainly got a great deal for my $100 dollars.   


Ken Holtmann had asked us to write a brief note for him since he was able to get our roof approved and replaced.  Ken had approached us concerning possible hail damage. We had a water leak in one of our rooms so we were certainly interested if Ken could help us.  Fortunately he was able to get our roof approved except for the flat part. So we worked directly with Ken and were able to get our entire roof replaced and are very happy with the completed job.  We were able to get 30 year architectural shingles instead of the three tab shingles that had been on our home. So we are happy to have had Ken help us with this situation and would certainly recommend him to you.  He did a good job for us.

David and Patty Aden  815-298-7145

1824 23rd St   Rockford, Il 61108


James Bodine

1524 Sexton   Rockford, Il. 61108   815-227-1141

Ken Holtmann had left a flyer at our home concerning some possible hail damage.  My wife told me about it and I contacted Ken who said I had possible hail and wind damage.  He also said I had nothing to lose by filing a claim and seeing if the insurance company would pay for a new roof.  I did this and Ken did indeed meet with the insurance representative. They agreed to pay for my roof and all I had to pay was my deductible.  I had a very tall antenna on the back of my house that I ask Ken to remove which he did, for which I am very grateful. In addition to that I ask Ken to remove some window awnings and he did that also.  So I worked with Ken directly and he was able to do all this and replace my roof with better shingles then what I had before. He also showed me that I had 3 layers of shingles on my roof so it was a good thing he came along.  I would certainly recommend him as an honest and conscientious worker. I appreciate everything that he did for me and when I do the siding on my home I am going to have Ken do it.

 Millie Olson    Rockford Il 61108

January 2009








I would like to  recommend Ken Holtmann and the installers on the quality of work and professionalism they all performed while on the job.   

First I will start with Ken Holtmann; he was very professional and thorough from beginning to end.  He kept me updated through the whole process and worked with me on making meeting times convenient for me.  I am thoroughly pleased with his professionalism and him being available to call him during evening and weekend hours to work through issues and concerns.  He answered all my questions in a very timely and professional way.

Second -As for the installers, they too did professional work and I was quite surprised as to how well they worked.  This was a huge concern of mine being a single woman and knowing that many people take advantage of single women. I was not home when my gutters and downspouts were installed but am pleased with the installation.  The 2 men that came to install my window and sliding door were very professional and worked quickly without jeopardizing quality as it was very cold that day. As for Vinny’s install team for the siding, from the time they arrived every day they worked non-stop until dark not wasting any time by taking breaks.  When they needed me to get involved to make a decision on how to handle an issue they were very professional and explained the pros and cons to help me make the right decision.

I have and will continue to recommend Ken Holtmann and your installers to friends and others.Thanks for the quality of work,

Sincerely,     Julie Kreye   1724 McArthur  Rockford Il 61108 815-399-6388


 My name is John Grzelak and my wife and I live at 3838 16th Ave  Rockford Il 61108. Our phone is 815-332-6535.  You could say that we are “up in age” and because we are older we are always skeptical about things that sound too good to be true.  If you feel the same way I can certainly understand that. But know this, we are EXTREMELY HAPPY with Ken Holtmann and what he did for us.  He had approached us telling us that there was a hail storm in the area and wanted to check our home for hail and storm damage.  He said that if there was such damage it could possibly be paid for by our insurance company. And that is what we paid our insurance for – to take care of our home.

Well, as I said we were skeptical but since it was a free service we told him to go ahead and look.

Let me tell you one thing – LISTEN TO WHAT KEN IS TELLING YOU.!!  SURE YOU CAN BE SKEPTICAL – JUST LIKE WE WERE – BUT GUESS WHAT?  Ken was able to get our entire house approved for new siding and a new roof.  We paid three hundred dollars out of pocket for thousands of dollars of work – being a brand new roof and all new siding with insulation.  I also have to tell you something about our roof. Ken was very surprised, and so were we when he discovered that we actually had FIVE LAYERS OF ROOFING AND HAD TO HAVE ALL NEW DECKING.  AND KEN WAS ABLE TO GET THE INSURANCE COMPANY TO PAY FOR THAT ALSO.  SO WE PAID THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS AND ARE VERY, VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!  I can tell you that Ken Holtmann is a very hard working, and honest man.  Believe in what he has to say and give him a chance – you won’t be sorry. Come take a look at our house – it turned out great.  The workers did everything very, very well and we are extremely pleased.

John Grzelak 815-332-6535

  From Rene Craft – 2907 18th Ave Rockford Il 61108   815-986-6253

I have some physical problems and also have very little money.  So when Ken talked to me about possible damage on my roof I told him I really had very little money.  We talked and he really put me at ease and said he understood my situation and would help me as much as he could.  Well, he actually did get my roof approved and I really, really needed a new roof. My roof was literally falling off so I was afraid I would be denied.  But Ken assured me he would do everything he could and I don’t think I would have gotten a new roof without Ken. Take him at his word – listen to him and give him a chance to help you – he most certainly helped me and I cannot thank him enough.  He was able to get me a new roof and it looks really great. I would say that Ken really does care about people and trying to help people like me that do not have a lot of resources. So give him a chance to help you also – you won’t be sorry.


My name is Mike Carter and Ken ask me to write a brief note if I were happy with his work.  My wife and I live at 3296 Ironwood, Rockford Il. and my phone is 815-874-2644.  I am writing this because I am very pleased indeed with Ken and his workers. Ken wanted to look at my roof for possible damage and I did not know if I had any damage or not.  After looking he said that I did and he thought he could get it approved for replacement by my insurance company. I wasn’t so sure of that but told him to go ahead. He told me how to make the necessary claim and that he would meet with the adjuster which he did.  To my surprise, he did get an approval and I was able to get an entire new roof. You can look at it anytime – it looks great and I am glad that Ken came by to help me with my roof. He is a good guy to work with I am sure he will do you an excellent job.

Ken Holtmann ask me to write a note if I was pleased with his work.  To tell you the truth I am very, very, pleased.  I live at 1603 Log Cabin in Rockford and Ken ask if he could check my property for possible storm damage.  He said he works with homeowners and insurance companies to repair any damage.

I let him check and he said he was pretty confident he could get me a new roof.  I was really nervous about contacting my insurance company because I did not want them to force me to pay for a new roof if it was not approved.  But Ken was true to his word and I was very relieved when he did indeed get it approved. I was able to pick the color of my new roof and was very surprised when the workers did it all in one day.  They cleaned up everything and I am happy as can be with my new roof.

Pam Francis 815-229-2351

My name is Kelly Smith and I am a single mother.  I also was laid off from my job recently and so I certainly do not have a lot of money as you can imagine.  I have a small home and Ken approached me about possible storm damage. He had actually helped my neighbors get a new roof and all new siding.  He said I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and I really was in that position. To my surprise he actually was able to get my roof and all my siding approved.  I wasn’t sure about it because the adjuster did not seem too friendly. I really did need a roof and the outside of my house did not look that great either. Anyway, I have come to know Ken on a more personal level and have found him to be a very caring, kind and generous individual.  He has not only taken care of my roof and siding but has helped me in other ways such as putting a new door on my garage without asking for any payment for it. He is a very knowledgeable individual and I fully trust him and you should also. My house looks brand new and Ken is not only my contractor but has also become a trusted friend.  I am very thankful that he has helped me the way he has. 

I live at 920 Peter Ave, Rockford Il 61108 and you can drive by my house at any time.  I certainly can recommend Ken to anyone as a very hard working and trusting individual.  My phone is 815-708-5652 if you want a personal recommendation.

I am a single mom and had a problem especially with my garage roof.  Ken was recommended to me by my daughter who had her house fixed by Ken.  He did her roof and siding and did indeed make her home look like new. Anyway, Ken told me after reviewing my roof that I did have hail damage and he thought he could get it approved to be paid for by my insurance company.  That sounded good to me because I had no money to do it myself.

He met the insurance adjuster and in fact did get it approved to my surprise.

The only problem was that due to the hail date- it was almost a year ago -  I had to get a new roof within a few days or the insurance company would not pay for it.  Believe it or not, Ken was able to do this to my surprise and he did a very, very good job.  I got a new roof on both my house and garage and it looks great. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone as he did me a really big favor.  I actually also recommended Ken to my sister and he was able to take care of her garage. So he has helped my daughter, me and my sister – he is a good guy and very helpful.

Mylene Brazel 2614 So 6th Ave Rockford Il 61109  815-229-3585


I live at 2227 Ohio Ave in Rockford Il.  My name is Jill Barrack and I am a single mom.  I had received a letter from Ken Holtmann stating that there had been a hail storm in my area and he was offering a free inspection of my property.  Being a single mother makes you cautious but I looked at my roof and was not sure if it had damage or not. So I called Ken and he came over and checked my house.  I filed a claim as Ken instructed me and he met with the insurance man. He got my roof approved and had his people put on a new roof on my garage and house. It looks very nice and I am very glad that I received that letter from Ken and decided to act on it.  If you should get a letter I would encourage you also to call Ken as he can possibly help you as well. Ken ask me to include my phone number which is 815-229-3585.

  Mary Gille  3716 Broadway, Rockford  Il. 61108

I am an older woman and now live alone as my husband passed away several years ago.  I feel I have to be cautious in my dealings with people because older people are being targeted by unscrupulous people.  So when Ken Holtmann approached me about my house I was very skeptical. I could see that my roof was not in the best condition but I was still skeptical.  Ken met with my insurance man and was able to get my roof and gutters approved to be replaced. He was very patient with me and worked out every detail. He always answered my calls and if you also are “older” I can testify that you can trust Ken to help you also.  I am very satisfied with the new roof and gutters. The crews were very hard working and very efficient. Thank you so much for a job well done. I will certainly recommend you to anyone else who needs your services. 815-395-0891


In today’s economy it is not easy paying the many bills that we as a family have.  When you have a leaking roof that adds more stress and financial burden. Then Ken Holtmann walks into our lives with the possibility of helping us fix that leak.  Not only that but we also had a very bad situation in our bathroom with a very old glass wall that was leaking. This bathroom was in pretty bad shape. So Ken suggested that we let him take care of the situation.  Well, we are very happy that we did because he organized everything that we needed. He helped us not only get a new roof but has been extremely helpful in fixing our bathroom. He has been a life saver and we can’t thank him enough for all he has done.  We highly recommend him as a very honest and knowledgeable man who has become a good friend to us. We can highly recommend him to you as someone you can certainly trust.

Annette and Gary Boniface

2812 19th Ave  Rockford, Il 61108   815-209-8389


My name is Massimo Zeppieri – 815-243-2252.  Ken Holtmann was recommended to me by my son.  Ken helped him and his wife get a new roof and new siding for their home on Peter Ave.  And to tell you the truth I had not even thought that I might have hail damage until my son told me about his house.  I have an apartment building at 914 -916 14th St. Rockford Il 61107 and I called Ken to see if it did have any damage.  This is a tall building and has a large roof. There is also a garage on the property. Ken actually did get this approved and was able to get the roof replaced.  His workers were very efficient and my insurance paid for all of it. In addition to that, he helped me repair the damage on the gutters from a tree branch falling on it.  I also had a leak at my personal residence and Ken had his crews take off a part of the siding and a part of the roof and fix this leak. This has been a real problem for me so I was pretty happy to get it fixed.  It has been a pleasure working with Ken and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. If you have an apartment building he can certainly help you also.  He did an excellent job for me and I would highly recommend him.


I have an apartment building at 3223 Seward Ave Rockford Il 61108

Ken Holtmann contacted me about the roof on my building – about possible hail damage.  The roof was older and I was surprised that Ken was able to get it approved to be replaced and it was all paid for by my insurance company.  He was very professional and he also helped me with the ventilation as it did not have any soffit vents – which he put in. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend his services to you.

Rich Tomman 3223 Seward Ave 815-332-2122 or 815-988-4545


Ken ask me to write a brief note if he did a good job.  In fact, he did an excellent job in replacing the roof at 3520 Broadway in Rockford which is a rental I own.  He had contacted me by mail and I was surprised to learn of the storm damage. But true to his word he was able to get the insurance company to approve it so I ended up with a new roof and not paying a penny.

I am very pleased indeed with all he did for me.  Toni Flores 815-874-9214


Our house came out very, very nice.  We are on a busy street in Rockford at 3327 Broadway.  In fact, we once had a car hit our house which was a real mess and a whole other story.  Anyway, we are writing Ken this note as he ask us to do so and his crews (roofing and siding) did an excellent job.  The roofing crew had to replace some wood which we did not know was bad but they took care of that in an expedient manner.  We are very pleased with the outcome and it gave our house a whole new look. Ken is a great guy – was fun working with him.  Steve Kennedy 815-670-5155

I am a realtor and know a lot of people.  But Ken ask me if it was ok to use my name as a reference.  I told him he could definitely do so as he did a great job on our roof and in fact we are asking him to check our windows as well.

He was very professional and my husband and I are very pleased with his work.   Sharon Egebrecht  27W480 Ridgeview  West Chicago Il 60185


Ken was a real blessing to us because we had a situation where I did not think anyone would be able to help us.  We had a letter from Ken about our roof so I called him because I knew that it was leaking in a few places.  He told us that he thought he could get it approved by the insurance company for replacement. Due to the economy I had been off work so we really had no extra money and this is a big roof.  The other problem we were facing is that there was a deadline in which to get this done. We learned that in our case we had only a year from the date of the storm to file a claim and get the work done.  To make a long story short – Ken met with the adjuster and although it was approved the adjuster said it would take a week or so to get the first check. But the roof had to be done within that week. Ken used his own money to give us a new roof on the agreement that we would pay him once we got that check.  I don’t believe that anyone else would have done that. There were several areas that needed new plywood and I also had Ken take out some skylights. He did an excellent job and even though our deductible was more he only charged us $150 due to our work situation and he allowed us to pay that to him over a period of time.  We would have been out of luck if it had not been for Ken and we really appreciate all he did for us. We would highly recommend him to you. Don and Shelia Schmidt 3089 Fruitland  Dr Rockford Il 61109 815-874-0416

I am writing a brief note in behalf of Ken Holtmann.  We have several rental properties and Ken was recommended by a good friend as a man of integrity who does good work.  It so happened that my mother had two skylights in her roof that were leaking. We got several bids – including Ken’s and decided to have him do the work.  He replaced those skylights at what we thought was a very reasonable price and did an excellent job. 

In addition to that, we own several rental properties and one of them had a very bad roof.  We ask Ken to give us an estimate and he did more then that. He provided pictures of the damaged areas (some of it was very bad) and also gave us solutions.  We had him replace the roof at 1319 Fairview in Rockford and will certainly have him do any further work that we need. If you have a rental property we would highly recommend Ken Holtmann to you as he is very knowledgeable and honest. 

Jennifer Miller  630-792-0270

 My name is Scott Bram and I live at 3933 North Proctor Cr in Arlington Heights Il.  Ken ask me to write him a brief note about my roof.  Ken had initially approached me stating that there had been a storm in the area and he was checking for damage.  He did not know it but I had a leaking skylight and my roof was not in the best of shape. In fact, I did not know if it would be approved but he said I had everything to gain and nothing to lose.  So he met with the insurance man and to my surprise did get it approved. He replaced the skylight and did a great job on the roof. I am very pleased with his work and my roof looks really great. I would certainly recommend him.


 Ruth Franklin  1304 Minnesota Dr  Rockford Il 61108 815-332-7267

Ken came to my house and said that he could possibly get me approved for new siding and a new roof because of storm damage.  I was not real sure about this but then Ken pointed out the actual damage on my siding. He worked with my insurance company and did indeed get me approved for a new roof and all new siding.  I did not have gutters on the front of my home and Ken put these on for me at no additional cost. This was a big help as I had water running down the front wall and the windows, which obviously was not a good thing.  My home came out looking very nice and I am sure that it improved the overall value. I also want to say that Ken always answered my questions and checked on the progress of the roof and siding. I was very happy with the end result and would certainly recommend Ken to anyone.


3412 Minnesota in Rockford Il 61108 is our address.  We live across the street from Ruth Franklin who also had her house “remodeled” or changed by Ken Holtmann.  She got a new roof and all new siding and it actually was because of her house that I had Ken check mine also.  I did not get a new roof (as I had a roof that was pretty new) but I did get all new siding. I am very pleased at how the siding came out.  The crew worked all day and I don’t think they even took a break for lunch. I would highly recommend Ken Holtmann to anyone as he did an excellent job for me.  James Linhardt

My phone is 815-226-9317 if you want a personal recommendation.


I live at 3311 Westgate in Rockford Il 61108 and my name is JoAnne Ferling.  My phone is 815-397-5087.  I met Ken Holtmann at a time when I was going thru a lot of difficult things in my life.  In fact I had some real medical problems and really had no money for anything. But Ken told me he could help me in spite of that.  I was quite surprised but he was able to get my siding done on my home and really did help me.  It gave my house a really new look and I really appreciate everything that Ken did for me.  He is a good man and I found him to be very trustworthy. 


The area where I live in Rockford had a hail storm in April of 2008.  Ken Holtmann knocked on my door and informed me that I had that damage and that he could possibly get me a new roof and or new siding.  I was not familiar with him but he had good references and so I worked with him in contacting my insurance company. He actually did get me a new roof and new siding.  I then suggested that he try to help my daughter who lives in the area and he was able to do the same for her. In addition to that he was able to get her new gutters. We have been very pleased with his service and the workers all did an excellent job.  James Lee 2934 19th Ave Rockford Il 61108 815-398-9413


  Sandi Barnes   847-331-7698

1811 Bromley Lane

Schaumburg, Il 60194

I know other people have experienced this problem; but when it happens to you it makes

it personal.  I own a town home and the problem I have is an ice build up not only on the outside of my patio door but also condensation and freezing water in the track inside. This would freeze my patio door shut.  This was never any fun to deal with as I had to use a hair dryer to unfreeze it and mop it up. I got a new patio door from Ken Holtmann and am extremely happy with it.

I also purchased two new windows for my spare bedroom which have made a huge difference in the comfort level of my home.  These windows were always leaking cold air and I had to put towels around them to keep out the cold air.

I would definitely recommend Ken Holtmann as he did an excellent job and I am extremely pleased. And I don’t have to use my hair dryer any more to open my patio door.


 Mark and Karen Stroud    

3411 Seward Ave   Rockford, Il 61108


Our roof was in very bad shape (literally) and falling off.  So we were very concerned about it getting approved. But – to our great surprise – Ken was able to do so.  We basically left everything in his hands and were very pleased with the roofing crew. They were very careful with my flowers and protected everything as well as they could.

We were surprised in that they did it all in one day and did an excellent job in cleaning up.  So we are very pleased with the entire process and can highly recommend Ken Holtmann to you. He did a great job for us and we are very happy.


From Deena Pena,

3408 Constance Dr

Rockford, Il 61108


Ken Holtmann came to my house some time ago and was able to get my insurance company to approve my house for a new roof and new siding.  I work at United Airlines and have a million things going on so I had almost forgotten about this. But Ken came by and kept reminding me that if I didn’t take action I would lose thousands of dollars in money that could be recovered.  Well, I finally listened to Ken and decided to go ahead with the change. I was very surprised at how quickly Ken was able to get my new roof put on and also the siding. And I am very pleased with how both the roof and siding came out and how quickly it was done.  I am glad that Ken was persistent in getting back with me because I am very, very pleased with how the whole house came out. It looks like an entirely different home and much nicer.

Thanks Ken for doing such a great job!


My name is Mary Gebhart and I am 73 years old.  I saw the sign on Ken’s van and ask him if he could help me.  I have a Copula on my garage and it was very old and broken.

Ken came to my house and the first thing he did was kill all the wasps that had made a nest in this area of my garage.  He then took it upon himself to take the damaged metal top and have another one built in its place. Ken also told me that I could possibly get a new roof due to hail damage.  I am on a very limited income and I could really use a roof but have very little money for it. I was really hesitating about this but Ken convinced me I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  To my great surprise my roof was approved and Ken helped me pick out a shingle color for my roof. Ken was always very patient with me and helped me through the entire process. I have to admit that I was really nervous about being cheated since I am a window but Ken did everything he said he would and really did help me.  I would highly recommend him to anyone as he is very knowledgeable and went out of his way to help me. 

Mary Gebhart

3715 Florida Dr

Rockford Il 61108


To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Jason Foran of Monticello Illinois.  On May 15th 2009 our town experienced a hail storm.  There were many contractors going from door to door afterwards looking for work. However, the only contractor who volunteered, without my asking, to meet with my insurance adjuster, as my advocate, was Ken Holtmann.

At first I was a little skeptical because Ken lives in a town some 3 hours away.  But after looking at his references and visiting with Ken a couple of times I decided to give him the job.  His crews did my roof and vinyl siding in a neat and timely fashion. And I am thrilled with the end result.  I also feel that having Ken there at the time of the insurance inspection was extremely beneficial to me. I would and am recommending Ken to my friends and family.


Jason Foran

801 E Washington, Monticello IL.


 Ken ask me to write him a letter if he did a good job for us.  He in fact was able to get our siding approved which we were hoping for.  The insurance adjuster did not approve the roof but Ken was a great help to us.  He in fact actually did our roof as well because he knew that it really needed it.  It actually needed several sheets of decking put on and

he really helped us in doing the roof as well as the siding. We did have to pay a small amount because of the wood but we still got a great deal.  I am sure Ken did not make much money on this job. My wife and I are very pleased to recommend Ken as we know he is a very honest man who goes the extra mile.  In fact, I recommended Ken to my father and he was able to get my dad’s roof approved. So Ken did the roof of my dad’s house and garage – and did a great job.

Sean Sutherland 1923 Raismore Rd Rockford Il 61108815-229-7798


My name is Mark Cowling and I live in Rockford.  I had a really, really bad roof that I did not think would get approved but Ken said he thought he could get it done.  Well, he actually got three fourths of it approved and even though I had to pay my deductible that was minor. I got a whole new roof for $500 which is a bargain.  I would highly recommend Ken Holtmann to anyone as he did an excellent job for us. My address is 2916 Oak Grove Lane and my phone is 815-601-6275

Our son – Sean, recommended Ken to us as Ken replaced his roof and siding.  We had a roof problem but were not sure if Ken would be able to help us – we have a steep roof.

We met with Ken and followed his instructions on putting in a claim.  He met with the adjuster for a long period of time and at first the adjuster was only going to pay us for some loose shingles.  But Ken’s expertise paid off because we ended up getting an entirely new roof on the house and garage which is far more then we expected.  Ken also helped us with our chimney and putting on shields to keep any animals out. He also put on gutter guards to keep the leaves out which is good as I have some gutters that are very hard to clean.  We would highly recommend him to anyone as he did an excellent job for us. Steven and Laura Sutherland 3606 Charles St Rockford IL. 61108 815-226-1971


To the following clients of Ken Holtmann – That Handiman Guy Inc.  5-3-2010

Be it known that on 3-23-2010 we had a new roof put on our home.  The work was done very professionally and all people in the crew were very professional under the direction of company president and owner Ken Holtmann.  The cleanup was very well done and we are very pleased with the the kindness and courtesy shown by Mr. Holtmann and his crew. We would highly recommend them as they are top notch in our book.

Melvin and Venal Watson 1410 18th st Rockford Il 61104  815-394-0829



To Whom It May Concern,

We would like to highly recommend Ken Holtmann to anyone who has any work on their home to be done.  He did a wonderful job for us in our home. We did have storm damage and Ken did many things for us: new roof, new windows, new siding, new fascia, new gutters, fixing and painting the garage,  interior painting, new storm doors, and he also added some can lights in our living room. Even though we have a small home it certainly looks much different then it did and we are very happy with everything that was done.  We could have picked any contractor we wanted but are happy that Ken did all our work. We truly appreciate all he did for us. Bill and Dottie Nallon   1284 Earl Ave 

Des Plains Il 60018   July 2010

Patrick Dolland had three layers of roofing, damaged wood and a large overhang.  We were able to remove all the roofing, fix the wood and put on new architectural shingles.  Patrick was very happy to have had his insurance pay for his new roof as it saved him thousands of dollars.  He (or his mother Carol) are very happy to give anyone a reference and can be contacted at 815-397-4939. 117 N. London Rockford  Il. 61107 July 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing this letter on behalf of Ken Holtmann.  We met Ken when he first came to our door about hail damage to our home.  There had been a big hail storm so we thought we probably did have some damage as many of our neighbors did.  We are older and are skeptical of people offering to help us. But, we really should have listened to Ken – and so should you!  He told us it was important that he be here at the time of the inspection.  Well, we did not listen – and we wish we had. The inspector came and only approved some of the siding.  The roof of our home was about 18 years old and this is what we really wanted to have replaced. To make a long story short – Ken said he would help us get everything approved.  He spent a lot of time writing letters, taking pictures and finally getting our insurance company to take a second look. He had said that if he had been here he probably could have gotten everything approved the first time.  At the time of the second inspection Ken was able to work with the inspector and we did indeed get everything approved – our roof, siding, and gutters. Ken has overseen the work and we are very, very pleased and are very grateful that he stood by us.  We don’t think we could have had a better contractor and would highly recommend Ken Holtmann to you. He is truly a man of his word and you should definitely listen to his advice. Don’t make the same mistake we did as it really made us worry that we would not be able to get our roof done.  By the way, we also did go by 1284 Earl Ave to see Ken’s work on another home and it also looks like a new house.

David and Peggy Jackson   Aug 8, 2010

1121 Van Buren St

Des Plaines, Il 60018



If these are not enough letters for you below is an additional list of people I have worked for over the past several years in different areas.  I do keep a list of all my clients. Many of these are several years old.

Rannie Simpson 2308 26th st Rockford Il 61108 815-399-0415 roof

Martin Grennan  2312 26th st Rockford Il 61108 815-394-1653 roof

Elizabeth Jones 3327 Seward  Rockford 815-398-8357 siding, roof, gutters

Ann & Douglas Hoagland 2617 17th Ave Rockford 815-963-6947 roof

Melanie or Valarie Rose 2879 Broadway Rockford 779-423-1328

John Ciolek   0n 639 Couyntry Lane Winfield 60190  630-462-1704 roof

Mike and Dora Sutcliffe 630-320-0138 630-779-1355 Carol Stream roof

Bernie and Monica Brusa   630-213-1357 Carol Stream roof

Steve and Denise Funk Bartlett 630-822-2612   630-618-1918 siding, roof, windows

Tina Van Meter Carol Stream 630-483-0219 roof

Farzan Padfar 736 So Prairie St Barrington Il 60010 847-409-1111 gutters

Jeff Stoffell 27W030 St John Ave Winfield 60190 roof

Skip and Patricia Stubbs 630-837-8870 Carol Stream roof, siding

Bob and Chris Sabalaskey 630-736-8306 Carol Stream siding, roof

Mariam Cabrera 1070 Longford Rd Bartlett 60103 roof, siding 630-213-3055

Charles Bonney  847-608-4740 21 Lockman cr Elgin  60123 roof

Sue Wexler 1056 Oakwood Carol Stream Il 60188 roof

Phillip & Sharon Egebrecht 27w480 Ridgeway St West Chicago Il 60188

630-650-0686  roof

Gunnard Israelson 1953 Toner Lane Glendale Heights Il 60139 630-893-8441 soffit

Connie Hammersmith 630-965-8939   West Chicago Il roof, windows, soffit, fascia

Ruth Franklin  3304 Minnesota Ave Rockford Il 61108  roof, siding 815-332-2767

Leo Gubenko 27W056 /St John St  Winfield Il 630-640-5712 roof

Benjamin Ortiguerra 1309 Narragansett Carol Steam Il 630-372-2408 siding

Martha Lopez  roof, gutters 1n638 Center Ave West Chicago Il 60185


Steve and Denise Funk  1460 Canter Lane Bartlett 60103- roof, siding, windows  630-822-2612

Richard & pat Kolton 1099 country glen lane carol stream il 60188 630-665-0330   roof

Elvira Ramirez  727 oregon ave west Dundee 847-844-3992 roof

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