My Contact App is a digital business card that has capabilities of a website.

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To purchase our Basic package:

Click on “Get Your Free App” on the bottom right of our app.

Fill in your name, email, and telephone number, and How did you hear about us? And click submit.

Use the link you are sent to create an account

Then choose “Free Setup” to sign up.

Once you sign up login to your account and select “Getting Started” on the top left.

On the “Getting Started” page click “Proceed to payment” which will take you to PayPal to make your payment.

Once payment is made Log into your account and select “Profile”.  Complete your profile and your app will be ready within 48 hours.

**The Basic app must be purchased to upgrade to our advanced packages (Enterprise, Premium, and Basic Plus).

 Exclude ( All customers must pay $99 plus the cost of the upgrade you choose. )

To upgrade to Enterprise, Premium or Basic Plus:

Log in to your account and select “Upgrades” from the menu.

Select the appropriate package, which will take you directly to PayPal to make your payment.

Once your payment is made log back into your account.

If you have not already done so go to “Profile” and complete your profile.  

Then schedule your consultation to discuss your customized app.  

Your app will be created within 7 business days.  (Except Enterprise package which may take up to 14 days)


 Auto – Responder (Email & SMS) - automatically generates a set response to all messages (text and email) 

Black Book Delivery Content System -  coming soon 

Broadcast – the ability to send messages to your customer via email/text.  

Custom Contact Card Image – Image that will appear in the device under contact card  

Custom Domain – custom IP address .

Custom forms – electronic forms used to collect data from customers. 

Custom QR Code - custom machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone. 

Custom URL - custom address of a World Wide Web page 

Dashboard Customization – The ability to modify the my contact interface. 

Email support - access to contact a technical support specialist for assistance with my contact app via email. 

Emojis vCard ) - Placement of emojis in your contact card. This allows Emojis to display next to your name, business or title after someone saves your contact to their device. The use of this system is patent pending and enabled by the activation of the "Black Book Content Delivery System." 

Emojis (app) - The ability to place emojis just about anywhere on the app display so it's seen by people as they visit your app. 

Keyword Search - A type of search that looks for matching documents or web pages that contain one or more words specified by the user. 

Marketing Systems - Software and or tools to help express & promoter and Organization. 

Payment Integration – direct link to merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing 

Preset Messages - messages that are customized and scheduled to go out to contacts via text/email. 

Priority App Support (via Email) - 1st level support

Real time IG feed – Instagram feed available virtually immediately within the contact app 

Reports - a detailed account of customer data  

Search - (public/private available in google/MyContactApp) 

Secure HTTPS/SSL - A secure server is a Web server that guarantees secure online transactions. Secure servers use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption and decryption to protect data from unauthorized interception 

Segmentation – categorization of customers by title, group, type, etc. 

Sponsor Message – a message from My Contact App or another MCA customer placed on the app that markets or gives information on a company, product, or service. 

Trivia campaign - is just like it sounds and works via SMS. You create a series of Q & A with a list of answers, your users pick the answer they think is correct and at the ends of they see their stats and ranking 

Unlimited contacts – an unlimited amount of data on customers . 





Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is MyContactApp Free? It's the golden rule!


2.What do I need to get sarted? ChooseGet Your Free Appon the bottom right of any app and follow the prompts


3. Where can I use MyContactApp ? My Contact  App can be used from any internet enabled browser.


4. What can I use MyContactapp for? You can use My Contact App for just about anything you can think of. Remember it’s better than a business card and as powerful as a website. 


5. Will MyContactApp charge fees?  My Contact App is FREE. 

However we do offer marketing and app development services that have charges associated with them. You can visit the sign up page at MyContactApp.Net or check out our packages under the “Getting started” or “Upgrades” tabs on your dashboard for details. You may also click on the “Get Your Free App” at the bottom of any app to get started. 


6. Is MyContactApp available in my country? If you live on planet Earth and have an internet connection then YES, My Contact App is available to you. Note: SMS/Text/Voice Services will have varying fees/rates and limitations based on your country. 


7. What countries is MyContactApp available in? MyContactApp is GLOBAL. See Previous question for more details. 


8. Can I still use MyContactApp if I don't have a IG, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Messenger account? Yes it is not required to have social media to use My contact app.


9. Can I use MyContactApp with PayPal or CashApp? Yes. 


10.How will you keep my information safe? We provide free secure server website domains”HTTPS” vs “HTTP” which is recommended by all major companies that use the internet to share information.


11. What's the relationship between mycontactapp and Social networks? There is no connection.  We are not a social network. 


12.Can businesses use MyContactApp? Yes My Contact App  can be used for personal or business use. 


13.What is MyContactApp? MyContactApp is your place to communicate, share and display what you want the world to know about you while allowing you to simply share and exchange that information with others if you choose. 


14.Will you spam my contacts, or sell my data? NO! We will never sell your data or your contacts data. We created MyContactApp in part to provide a safe place for you to interact and express yourself.  MyContactApp does reserve the right to contact your contacts 1 time per year regarding our new services or our parent companies new services. In the event we contact your contacts we will make it clear how we got their information and inform them of our privacy policy. We strongly pledge to this statement and will never willingly violate it. 


15. Why do I Have to Subscribe paypal to upgrade my package? PayPal is our payments partner and we have to follow the guidelines they provide. If you have a package that requires a monthly service then you must proceed with a subscription as outlined  by PayPal. 


16. How will you prevent fraud? MyContactApp is not an identification system. If any  abuse of the system is reported to us we will look into it. If any local or global laws are broken we will comply with the authorities. MyContactApp is an outlet, tool, resource available to everyone but we will not allow abuse by anyone on our platform. We will combat deceptive practices with our full armor of resources.


Last Updated: October 1, 2019, 4:12 pm